Our Company specialise in the manufacture of crankshaft for many kind of petrol and diesel engines.

Our Company is working with most of the top companies in the business and have established a proud reputation for crankshafts quality & reliability with vast experince and qualified employment team.

We export our products to all over world especially to Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the USA. Our company is manufacturing all kinds of engine Crankshafts such as Marines, Tractors, Cars, Heavy-duty machines, Generators and Locomotives from 1 cyl to 20 cyl. And we also manufacture the Crankshafts according to the special order of our customers .

All of our crankshafts have 1 full year guarantee after installed in an engine...
We are able to Manufacture all type of Crankshafts upon our customer's Crankshaft Samples or Crankshaft Drawings

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