INTERNATIONAL POWER TRADING CORPORATION has been manufacturing quality products and reliable service with experience of years. With this experience and knowledge INTERNATIONAL POWER TRADING manufactures all crankshafts up to 20 cylinder for marine, generators, automotive and locomotive engines.

The crankshafts which we manufacture are made by the method of ‘SHELL’ vertical moulding and heat treatment process. They are in GGG90 quality and DIN-1693-1973 norms. Our crankshafts are manufactured by using sorel metal from the graphite forged iron. Because of the special materials in the alloy ingredient of the crankshaft the endurance against breaking creeping resistance against the heat, etc. is at top level.
Depend on your request .We can also Manufacture our crankshafts from spherical grafhite cast iron by using sorel metal. With their special ingredients our products have endurance against breaking in two, heat, expansion. The tensile test bar taken before every casting analyses are done by spectrometer ourselves.

INTERNATIONAL POWER TRADING CORPORATION, has provided greater power and better fatigue life time superiority over the forged group of cranks while providing better strength and elongation and fatigue strength compared to the normal spheroid cast materials with its ADI 1 ( Austempered Ductile Cast Iron ) material.

The product of INTERNATIONAL POWER TRADING that will enter the serial production in its machining / processing department, after the determination of the technical properties and the production process and bound to a report, and compliance to the requirements via the precision measuring apparatuses depending on the final control technical drawings by performing the intermediate controls through the Vertical Processing Center, Horizontal Processing Center, Vertical Lathe and Horizontal Processing routes has become ready for dispatch.

The chemical combination analysis of the metal is correctly done, before casting/forging. The mechanic and the physical properties of the crankshafts are under control at every steps. Furthermore, the quality control procedures are applied in all production stages. In addition the controls of magnetic particules, tension hardness, and hitting test are done. Finally crankshafts are confirmed as suitable to our quality standards. The policy of our company is a continuous cost control, decreasing the costs, developing the quality


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