Austempered Ductile Iron is a family of heat treated cast irons available in ASTM 897M and EN1564 standard grades.

The austempering heat treatment converts ductile iron to austempered ductile iron (ADI) bringing about excellent strength, toughness, and fatigue characteristics. ADI is stronger per unit weight than aluminums, as wear resistant as steel and has the potential for up to 50% cost savings.

For the designer ADI is a most versatile material, enabling innovative solutions to new and current problems. By selecting precise heat treatment parameters a specific set of properties can be achieved. The lower hardness ductile iron castings are used in structural applications, often where weight and cost reduction are important. Wear resistance is superior to steel at any given hardness level, making the higher hardness grades ideal for mining, construction, agricultural and similar high abrasion applications.

ADI competes favorably with steel forgings, especially for heavy-duty parts where reliability is paramount. It is used to upgrade from standard ductile irons, and as a substitute for manganese steel and nickel-hard materials. When strength is required ADI is particularly cost-effective: tensile and yield values are twice those of standard ductile iron; fatigue strength is 50% higher and it can be enhanced by shot peening or fillet rolling.


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